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Lola Makinde Murrey

CEO, Blissful Imports

About The CEO

My name is Lola Makinde Murrey, I am Yoruba by tribe, I grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria. I speak Yoruba, Hausa and Nupe fluently. I am married to a Notherner from Adamawa State, and we are blessed with two beautiful children. I love business and I love to see people especially women succeed in business.

Long before I rounded up my university education I was already involved in the business of buying and selling just like my mom. I would go to Lagos, buy different items, bring to school and sell for little profit. Little by little I started going to Cotonou then to Ghana, Senegal and Dubai. After graduation from university with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and concluding my Youth Service, I worked for 2 years as a travel consultant with a travelling agency in Abuja. I resigned to face my business.

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